ABG Korban Perkosaan di Safe House Lampung Diduga Diperkosa Berulang

Idham Kholid - detikNews
Selasa, 07 Jul 2020 14:30 WIB
Colour backlit image of the silhouette of a woman with her hands on her head in a gesture of despair. The silhouette is distorted, and the arms elongated, giving an alien-like quality. The image is sinister and foreboding, with an element of horror. It is as if the woman is trying to escape from behind the glass. Horizontal image with copy space.
Foto ilustrasi korban pelecehan seksual. (iStock)

Pandra mengatakan DA mendampingi korban sejak Desember 2019. Tepatnya sejak bergulir kasus korban diperkosa pamannya.

"Dia mendampingi sejak kasus pamannya itu, pamannya aja dihukum 13 tahun karena pendampingan dari DA ini," ujarnya.